Tiger Beat Crush of the Week: Colin Ferguson

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Okay, so this is more like Tiger Beat Crush of the Six-Month Period, since this is only my second TBCotW post. But I promise, this one is worth waiting for.

Meet Colin Ferguson, who will forever be enshrined in my heart as Jack Carter, the hottest (and funniest) sheriff since…well, ever. Colin was the star of Eureka, a delightful, quirky, funny, fantastic show that ran for five (aka nowhere near enough) seasons. It was a show Mr. Bud and I both loved, and one that ranks among our all-time, hall of fame favorite shows.

If you’ve read this earlier post, you know that Colin was my first and only inspiration for Detective Mike Nielsen, the hero of the hopefully-to-be-published-one-day¬†Always. And it’s not just because I want to meet him when he gets cast in the movie version (although I won’t deny the thought occurred to me).

It’s because he brings it all and can play it all–the funny, the angst, the smoldering, the repression, the longing, the sexy. Everything I needed to be able to channel when writing Mike’s character. The man is AWESOME. I mean, look at the proof of how awesome he is:

  • He was a founding member of Detroit Second City!
  • He’s Canadian! (No surprise, I’m sure, that I have a weakness for Canadian men)
  • Look at that blond hair!
  • The blue eyes!
  • The square, masculine jaw!
  • Women love him!
  • Men love him!
  • My friend Cathy aka Girl of Megacube loves him! (We’ve agreed to share)
  • Everybody loves him!
  • From everything I’ve read and seen about him, he’s a super-nice guy!
  • The man even looks good lying on an autopsy table in a CSI Miami episode! (Although I’m VERY disappointed that he and Adam Rodriguez weren’t on the screen at the same time and it’s probably just as well because my TV would have exploded from the hotness. On the plus side, I could have snagged a new TV)
  • And in the supreme proof of his awesomeness, the man can make even the cheese-de-la-cheesiness of Lake Placid 3 watchable! (Don’t judge me)

Anyway, do yourself a favor if you don’t know Colin Ferguson and get thee to your streaming video vendor of choice and watch Eureka. Or watch him on the upcoming season of Haven, which will start in October. He’ll have a season-long guest-starring arc on that show. I promise you, it’ll be worth it, and you’ll thank me once you’re familiar with his work. But remember, he belongs to me and Cathy.

P.S. Confession time: In one of the biggest regrets of my life, last year Cathy and I were going to take a half day off work to see Colin Ferguson at the Motor City Comic-Con, where he was scheduled to appear. However, I heard that the line to get into the con stretched for ages, so I talked Cathy out of going. I can only blame it on menopause brain. Which doesn’t stop me from repeatedly kicking myself for doing that. I try to justify it by telling myself that I would most likely have stammered and acted like a squealing teenybopper, and I’d be kicking myself now for embarrassing myself and Cathy. (Yeah, I know. But it’s all I got.)