Works in Progress

The Real Deal
(Contemporary Romance)

New York City CPA Kelly Reid and hotshot realtor-to-the-rich Dan Esposito just got married—but hold the congratulations, because it’s a marriage of convenience, not love.

You see, Kelly’s desperate to keep her family’s business afloat, while Dan is determined to fulfill his ailing mother’s dearest wish, to see him married. Clearly, it’s a (business) match made in heaven.

But when it turns out their families don’t need their help, Kelly and Dan find themselves stuck in a marriage of inconvenience—for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the legalities.

No, these reasons are more personal. Like Dan’s troubled sixteen-year-old son, who’s actually responding well to his new stepmother. Or Dan’s mother, whose zest for life has returned along with the “Grandbabies!” gleam in her eye. Or Kelly’s family, who are thrilled Kelly’s finally found someone to banish the shadow of her disastrous first marriage.

Even Kelly and Dan have their own secret reasons to stay married—not that they’d admit them to each other, of course. With Kelly’s help, Dan has rediscovered a part of himself he believed was lost forever. And Kelly’s new stepson Ryan (not to mention Ryan’s father) has re-kindled the immense capacity for love she buried deep in the wake of a tragedy she’s terrified will happen again.

Yes, family can certainly make things inconvenient. But family also makes things right. Will Kelly and Dan figure that out before it’s too late?


The Spine-Tingling Adventures of Starbird and The White Knight
(Romantic Women’s Fiction)

Much like the comic book superheroes she once longed to create, Cecelia Rushton knows a thing or two about stepping up.

After her mother’s tragic death, Ceil stepped up to help her father raise her younger brother, even though she was only eight years old herself. But when you’re the daughter of a police detective who withdraws into a bottle to cope with the loss of his wife, you have no choice but to step up—and grow up. Too fast.

Years later she stepped up again when her brother and sister-in-law were killed in an auto accident, leaving behind a young daughter. And now, at thirty-six, Ceil’s come to terms with the fact that the chance to follow her childhood dream of being a comic book illustrator has passed. These days, her life centers around raising her niece and running her late brother’s comics and collectibles shop in Fair Lake, Michigan. That doesn’t leave the time or the energy for silly doodles and drawings…or for regrets about what might have been.

That is, until Detective Nick Rainey helps Ceil foil a robbery at her store. Nick is handsome, brave, and charming—a regular white knight. And suddenly Ceil finds herself inspired to draw the adventures of dashing superhero The White Knight and his equally super-heroic (and yes, maybe a little Ceil-ish) partner in good deeds, the brilliant and powerful Starbird.

But as she spends more time with Nick (strictly for character study reasons, of course), she comes to realize that like all good superheroes there’s a dark sadness behind her White Knight’s mask. A sadness that threatens to unravel his relationship with his teenage son, who’s come to work at the comic book store. A sadness that keeps Ceil at a distance, even though she can tell that like her, he wants their growing friendship to become something more.

Time for Ceil step up once again and be the superhero she’s always dreamed of. Her mission: Save The White Knight.

And maybe, just maybe, allow someone else to step up for a change and save Starbird—and Ceil—from the sadness behind their own masks.