The Spine-Tingling Adventures of Suncatcher and The White Knight

Raised in a family of cops, and formerly engaged to one, thirty-eight-year-old Cecelia Rushton has finally broken away from the control issues that come with being part of a law enforcement family. Now she’s following her own dream to be a comic book artist…with an unexpected detour to Superheroes & Sidekicks, the Fair Lake, Michigan comic book shop she bought a year ago.

While she tries to break into the comic business with her superhero creation Suncatcher — a powerful female superhero who absorbs the energy and light from the sun, and fires it back at the bad guys — Ceil has lots of plans for her own business. And of course, nowhere near enough money to carry them out. Still, she loves her life these days. Especially the “Create Your Own Comic” art classes she teaches at the shop. Even if she hasn’t been able to fulfill her own dream, at least she can console herself with the thought that the next Jack Kirby or Marie Severin might be among her students.

When her most talented student Ella, a normally sweet and happy eleven-year-old, starts having behavioral problems, Ceil decides to talk to Ella’s widowed father to try to find out what’s behind his daughter’s issues. Having only met Ella’s grandparents so far, Ceil’s a little surprised (and a lot dismayed) to discover that Nick Ranieri is not only — ugh — a cop, but a distractingly handsome and charming one.

Nick, a detective for the county sheriff’s department who is recovering from a gunshot wound, is at an important crossroads in his own career and has no time to deal with a nosy woman who tries to tell him how to raise his daughter. Even if she is cute and kind of intriguing in a geeky, artsy-fartsy sort of way.

Ceil knows all too well what it’s like to deal with a stubborn cop or two, since her parents have been pressuring her to sell her shop and live a “normal” life. And she really doesn’t feel up to taking on yet another fight. Especially since she’s trying to figure out how to get Suncatcher published and keep her business from going under following several expensive setbacks.

But Ella has stolen Ceil’s heart, which longs to help this delightful and lovable young girl avoid some of the mistakes that kept Ceil from realizing her own dreams. All she and Nick have to do is work together to do what’s best for Ella. That should be easy, right? Sure, if they can keep their own issues from cracking their not-always-so-united front.

Holy pre-conceived notions, Batman—it’s gonna be a super-heroic battle of wills!

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